After Graduation

Students who meet the school’s graduation requirements and the state’s licensing requirements are eligible to seek employment in the following: hair design, permanent waving, hair color, manicuring, men’s styling, skin care and makeup, salon management or ownership, manufacturer’s representative in sales or education, platform artist, admissions counselor, cosmetology instructor, salon or school receptionist, and much more!

EQ School of Hair Design has close relationships with many top hairstyling salons in many states. Our graduates are prime prospects for positions in these salons. In addition, many salon owners seeking stylists contact our school for names of prospective employees.

Job Placement Services

EQ School of Hair Design maintains a job placement service to assist students in securing suitable employment after graduation.

The school’s recommendations for placing graduates are based on the overall performance of the student while in training.

EQ School of Hair Design does not guarantee placement.

The placement assistance of the school will include but not be limited to:

  • Contacts with employers to identify job openings.
  • Efforts to provide job interviews with salon managers.
  • Assistance with application and employment forms.
  • Guidance in preparing a personalized resume.